So this is my valentines day follow forever. Firstly, sorry for the shit edit although if you follow me you’ll probably be used to it already lol so anyway you should follow all of these people. They have flawless blogs and they’ll keep your dashboard alive all year round with their flawless edits or posts. Happy valentines day guys or if you don’t like/celebrate it happy thursday! P.S. if you’re not here it’s probably just because i’m a bit of an idiot and tend to forget people so if you think you should be here just tell me and i’ll add you.

A-C; adorauhl, adoredemis, allfredoflores, alfredoflorez, alfredoreos, alreadysungs, avontheater, babyiwoulds, bangedbieber, beaalright, bealrightts, biebermiracle, bieberonreplay, biebersofficial, bieboner, biebsswag, blaming-nolan, blastbieber, blushrauhl, breakitdowns, carlyjespen, carlyraejespsen,  catchmedrews, chaszomers, ckyscraper, cleartomenows, colouredbieber, cutesdrew

D-F; dabieberconda, diariesbieber, dieinyousarms, drewsfile, drewslolly, drewsminaj, edsheeruh, fadingslight, fantasykidrauhl, firstbieber, firstmarch, flawlessbieber, flawlessbiebers, flytofalls, foreignersheart, forgothowstofly 

G-I; gexwy, heysexybieber, heytherebiebs, hidrauhl, hisrauhl, holydrews, honorcanadian, iloveyoubiebs, itsjustinsbieber

J-L; jazzycast, juistin, juntsi, justinadoresme, justinbiebercanada, justinbteber, justindrewofficial, justinfieber, justinmieber, justinscrew, justin-stratford, justlikethem, kelscollins, kennyhamillton, kidrauhlhood, kidrauhu, kingbieber, kingrauhl, kirdauhl, kisstherains, kurberry, lebiebah, letmebieber, likeanilusions, likeasongs, likebiebs, liltwst, liveforbiebs, lonelybiebs, lookatbiebernow, lookatmenowbiebs, lovemeslikeyoudo, lovesotrues

M-O; march1st, mccannswhore, mileyyrus, neverbeenspokens, nevertochange, nextoyous, nothingslikeyou, nothniglikeus, nowingsstofly, oftowngirl, ohdrewbiebs, ohlordbieber, ohmyjustindrew, onestime, onnetime, ontariodrews, ontraios, outftowngirls, outoftowngirll

P-R; partyandora, pattymallette, rauhl, rayn-good, reflectyourlights, rightnexttoyous, rockmafias

S-U; selela, setinmydnas, sexybieb, shouldpickmes, speakinginthongsspicyrauhlstartfords, stratfordont, stratfordscharm, stratfordsfinest, stratfordspark, taakeyou, takesitslow, takeyou, talktoyous, taylorwisft, thatsexybieber, thiscanadian, thereisnothinglikeus, theresnothingslikeus, tjustinbieber, touchingjerry, turntoyus

V-Z; verifiedbelieber, whereareyounows, whitebiebs, yezir, yolobieber

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